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We are based in Novi Sad, Serbia, but we work with clients all over the globe. We only ask this of you because we wish to know your timezone.

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Web design and app design is all about the visuals and there is no coding involved. The project deliverables for a web design project will be in PSD format and you would need a developer who will create the code for the website and make it fully functional. This said, if you are in need of a fully functional website, from prototype(wireframe) to launch, please select the "web design" and the "web development" option. Please note that we do not code other designers work and we do not code application only design them.

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Is this a new project or a redesign?
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Do you need this website to be responsive?

Please notice in your budget, that creating and testing responsive interfaces of the site for additional devices do require more work.

What are the key reasons users may have for visiting your website?

Are the users visiting your website to find information about an event, service, company, contact detailes...?

Do you wish the site to be static or dynamic?

Static HTML sites need some knowlege with HTML language and text editors to update the site, texts, pictures etc. Dynamic CMS sites, ie. WordPress, are much easier to use and update – and won't require any HTML knowlegde. But it requires more work to develop a site for a CMS platform, so it costs more.

Out of many options for CMS we perfer WordPress to all others since it's the most user-friendly for the end-user, which would be you and it's highly customizable with lots of cool plugins. There is a reason for it being the most popular CMS out there.

Please write down any additional details regarding development

For example, do you have a perfered CMS you would like the site to be built on? Will it be an ecommerce website? Does it need a gallery, contact form ect...

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Please write down any additional details regarding the app

For example, what will the app do, how many pages you would want to be designed, any specific features?

What can we help you with?
Please let us know what you have in mind?
When do you need this completed by?

We usually recommend to our clients a timeframe of at least 3 weeks for most projects, in order to ensure that we did the necessary research and gave the best creative output there is.

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Creative designs are not a commodity, which means, that you will get different price ranges from other designers. Please provide a rough estimate of the budget for this website in order for us to create a customized estimate based on your needs. Please keep in mind that the more you invest, the more we can invest in the project.

Why are you in need of a website/redesign/project?

Will it be a new website or an oudated one in need of a fresh new look as well as technical upgrades?

What are the long term and short terms objectives and goels of this project? Who will your audience be?

Create better awareness of your business and services? Generate sales?

Please provide any additional information regarding the project that you think will be relevant.

Examples, color paletts, competitors ect...